confortable headset with noise cancellation
headset with mic that has noise cancellation

Be Heard Clearly. Wherever You Are

New OLEAP Pilot P200b Pro

Introducing the OLEAP Pilot P200b Pro, the world's best open-ear headphones for crystal-clear calls and all-day comfort. Experience unmatched audio clarity with Spatial 50dB Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC), ensuring those on the other end of your calls hear only your voice, no matter how noisy your surroundings are. Stay aware of your environment and enjoy comfortable, natural sound with our innovative air conduction open-ear design.

Upgraded Chip

Experience seamless connectivity and stable performance with the advanced BES 2700YP chip.

Hybrid Design

Enjoy secure and comfortable wear with the innovative hybrid design, combining a snug ear hook and adjustable headband.

Premium Materials

Crafted with high-quality materials, the P200b Pro is built to last while maintaining a sleek and stylish aesthetic.

Upgraded Drivers

Immerse yourself in rich, dynamic audio with the powerful 16.2mm Dynamic Drivers, engineered for exceptional clarity and bass.

What's New in the OLEAP Pilot P200b Pro

Adaptive Volume Change for Calls

Automatically adjusts volume based on your environment for optimal call clarity.

Improved Bassleap™ Technology

Enjoy even richer and more powerful bass performance in our open-ear design (108dB).

Enhanced Privacy

Dipole acoustic design minimizes sound leakage, protecting your conversations.

A Better Fit

33g lighter, upperand rear mount. softer materials, no vibration from driver, no damage on your soft tissue.

Upgraded Chips

BES 2700YP chip insuring a better Dongle on PC connection and runnig Bluetooth version 5.3

Call Noise Elimination (50dB)

Crystal-Clear Calls, Anywhere

Say goodbye to background noise disrupting your important calls. The P200b Pro features advanced Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology with 3 microphones and our cutting-edge third-generation HL VoiceOn™ ENC algorithm. This powerful combination filters out up to 50dB of background noise, ensuring your voice is the only thing heard on the other end, no matter where you are.

Open-Ear Comfort & Awareness

Unlike traditional headphones that block out your surroundings, the P200b Pro's air conduction open-ear design delivers exceptional audio through tiny speakers positioned near your ears, allowing you to hear ambient sounds. Enjoy your music and calls without sacrificing safety and awareness, perfect for walking, cycling, working, and staying connected to your environment.

The Air Conduction Advantage

Experience the future of open-ear audio. Air conduction provides a more natural and comfortable listening experience than bone conduction headphones, delivering richer bass and eliminating uncomfortable vibrations. Enjoy superior audio quality and all-day comfort with the P200b Pro.

Open ear design headset with fast charge

10+ Hours Talk Time| 10 minutes quick charge

On a single charge, Oleap Pilot will get you covered for a whole day - with over 10 hours of talk time or 16 hours of playback time.

bass performance comparaison between Oleap Pilot and Bose Open Earbuds

Excellent Bass

Open-ear VS high-definition audio are not opposite to each other. BassLeap tech reinforces bass tone dynamically according to the sound power.

animated oepn ear headset design mechanism

Amazing Sound Quality

The compact design holds a 16mm dynamic driver on each side to bring greater sound power - up to 105dB, ensures the sound level in noisy places.

30-Day Free Return

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"Keep it for a long period of time, and you won't even notice it."

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"Oleap Pilot is much better than bone-conduction headphones. "

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"The noise cancelling is amazing. This is a wise choice. "